Kontron announces major Russian and Chinese IFEC contracts

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Kontron announces major Russian and Chinese IFEC contracts

Kontron, a provider of IoT/embedded computer technology (ECT), has signed an agreement to supply integrated IFEC equipment for more than 500 aircraft belonging to Russian and Chinese customers. Kontron is providing flight hardware for open architecture IFE and IFEC systems, including ACE Flight servers, cabin wireless access points (CWAPs), and removable storage and cabin control panels, with installation due over the next two years.

Kontron’s regional partners, RTSoft in Russia and Kontron Beijing Technology in China, are providing local technical, certification and logistics support to the airlines and integration partners. Aircraft installations are “well underway” on these initial programs according to Kontron, and the company anticipates that the latest new contracts will help the company further solidify its position for additional business with Russian and Chinese airlines.

“Based on our history of successful deployments, Kontron has earned its position as the number one supplier of open architecture systems and LRUs for the global IFE&C market,” said Andy Mason, VP of Technology at Kontron America. “We anticipate even faster growth for this segment in regional markets such as Russia and China, which have large aircraft fleets that are not yet WiFi or connectivity enabled.”

Alexander Kovalev, Head of Business Development at RTSoft: “RTSoft has developed a close working relationship with Kontron over many years, spanning both sales and engineering programs. In 2016 and 2017, RTSoft and Kontron jointly sponsored the IFE&C Technology Conferences in Moscow, with many of the Russian airlines and aviation system integrators attending. These meetings proved to be important steps in setting the groundwork for RTSoft and Kontron to secure our initial contracts in Russia’s IFE&C business. We see further growth within this area in the future.”

Vincent Wang, General Manager at Kontron China: “Chinese airline customers are driving demand for additional services, such as wireless IFE and inflight connectivity. Passengers will soon expect to have access to the same smartphone, internet and WiFi device services that they can use on the ground. Kontron America and Kontron China have been in close collaboration over the past several years to capture this business when the growth ramp-up occurs.”